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SensLog is an integrated solution for sensor networks. SensLog consists of data model and server-side application which is capable to store, analyse and publish data in various ways. SensLog receives measured data from nodes or gateways, stores data properly in the database, pre-processes for easier queries if desired and then publishes data through the system of web-services. SensLog is suitable for sensor networks with static sensors (e.g. meteorological stations) as well as for mobile sensors (e.g. tracking of vehicles, human-as-sensor).

Database model was based on standardized data model for observations from OGC Observations&Measurements. But the model was extended to provide more functionality especially in the field of users hierarchy, alerts and tracking of mobile sensors.

Publishing of data is provided in several ways. REST API provides data in form of JSON and gives the widest scale of functionality. Data in standardized form provides  OGC Sensor Observation Service version 1.0.0 with implemented core profile of operations. Web user application provides visualization of measured data in form of charts and visualization of tracks of mobile sensors above maps.

Preview of all three interfaces

Source code is available at

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