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Open Riga is an initiative carried out by Riga municipality to promote use of open data. Everyone is most welcome to use data sets available in Open Riga Open data catalogue.

Representatives of Open Riga have shared some ideas about issues that might be tackled durin hackathon:

  • Address search and displaying the actual coordinates of address
  • Advertisement mapping- to check that each advertisement is coordinated with local municipality
  • Crime map- where and what type of crimes are more frequent/ less frequent
  • Application to help figure childs name- showing the most popular/less popular names of children
  • Application for School analysis – srtongest subjects, average final tests results, information about teachers etc. Top schools?
  • Abandoned buildings application-  citizens can notify municipality about abandoned buildings and buildings that are degrading the environment (Now Site
  • Parking application- shows information about where it is allowed to park a car
  • E-ticket check-in. To analyze from where and to what destination people ar traveling by public transport more often, what transfers are made etc.

N.B. Data provided by Open Riga is under Open Data Commons Attribution License.

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