SDI 4 Apps - Uptake of open geographic information through innovative services based on linked data

HACKATHON RESULT No. 1: EcoSystem Services Portal

EcoSystem Services (ESS) represents the direct and indirect contributions of ecosystems to the human well-being. The idea of the proposal is to create the single web/mobile website/portal prototype tool (human readable interface) allowing to raise awareness of the relevance of biodiversity and the ecosystem services and explain the complex concepts and benefits related to the Ecosystem services evaluation in a simple way to the wider public. At the same time machine readable interface, where possible appropriate API will be made available to strengthen the further reuse of the resources. All this work shall re-use already available resources and knowledge from the domain. If you would find it interesting, come and join us!

HACKATHON RESULT No. 5: Slovakian INSPIRE Open Land Use Map

Land use data comes with strong potential for various use scenarios. From current land use to the plans how land shall be used available data are needed. Having open land use data harmonised based on INSPIRE will help to better understand what that means in practice and can support cross-border analysis. If you would like to have such experience and extend this also to the data from your country, just join us, even remotely!

DanubeHack summary

DanubeHack summary

DanubeHack event has brought the unique experience from bringing together developers and non technical stakeholders interesting in potential of open (geo related) data & software technologies. The results of this effort from the SDI4Apps perspective has been made available via Developers Workshop Report.