SDI 4 Apps - Uptake of open geographic information through innovative services based on linked data


The main objectives of SDI4Apps are to:

  • Integrate a new generation of spatial data infrastructure (SDI) based on user participation and social validation.
  • Support easy discovery and accessibility of spatial data for everybody.
  • Link spatial and non-spatial data using the Linked Open Data principles.
  • Support multilingualism of spatial data.
  • Build scalable cloud based infrastructure for support of SDI initiatives and location based services (LBS).
  • Integrate in-situ measurements and Earth observation data.
  • Design open application programming interface (API) supporting integration of spatial data and LBS into applications developed and deployed by non-GI developers.
  • Integrate a demonstration set of pilot applications.
  • Test new approaches for data sharing by users through pilot applications.
  • Attract external developers (mainly from SMEs, students and researchers) to test the newly integrated platform.
  • Organise contests for application developers supporting wider use of GI data.
  • Build a sustainable business model for a cloud based SDI.
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