SDI 4 Apps - Uptake of open geographic information through innovative services based on linked data

Work packages


WP 1 Coordination and Management – should ensure good quality results through continuous monitoring and coordination of the project activities.

WP 2 Community Building and Social Validation – should build the SDI4Apps user community that will actively participates in the processes of design, integration, validation and uptake of the SDI4Apps platform.

WP 3 Basic Cloud Functionality Deployment – should draft the cloud architecture and deploy its basic components. This includes testing of the cloud components.

WP 4 Extended Functionality – should upgrade the implementations from WP 3 with advanced functions supporting data harmonisation, linked open data, multilingualism, advanced visualisations, analytical and modelling API. This includes also testing.

WP 5 Data Publication, Harmonisation and Semantic Annotation – should support pilot applications in WP 6 and based on the tools integrated in WP 3 and WP 4, data harmonisation, semantic annotation and publication will be performed. This includes quality assessment of data.

WP 6 Internal Pilot Applications – including Easy Data Access, Open Smart Tourist Data, Open Sensor Network, Open Land Use Map Through VGI, Open INSPIRE4Youth and Ecosystem Services Evaluation.

WP 7 Support for External Developers – should attract and provide support for potential external developers of new applications on top of the SDI4Apps cloud infrastructure.

WP 8 Dissemination and Business Planning – should disseminate and exploit the project results on different levels and in various ways by transferring the knowledge and experiences obtained by the project to the both public and private stakeholders.

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