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The application ‘Investments in Liberec Region’ is currently running at and was created during the Open Data Hackathon in Jelgava in September 2014. The application visualises data about various investments made in the Liberec Region in the Czech Republic for the last couple of years. The application reads the actual data that are regularly updated from a Google spreadsheet table and visualises the data as a pie-chart diagram map. Each pie-chart corresponds to an investment. The centre of the pie-chart shows which type of investment it is (transport infrastructure, public establishments, regional government, culture, health, education or environment) and the outside ring shows which proportion of the total cost is financed by the Liberec Region, the European Union funds and other sources.


Detailed data (e.g. name and description of the project, its duration, precise costs) about each investment can be accessed by clicking on the pie-chart on the map.


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