SDI 4 Apps - Uptake of open geographic information through innovative services based on linked data

Organizations participating in the SDI4Apps project gathered together in Jelgava, Latvia from 17 to 18 September to review the progress of the project and further coordinate their future steps. The meeting was hosted by the project partner Zemgale Planning Region at the Latvia University of Agriculture.

Discussions focused on the Community Building activities intended to provide social validation to the six pilot applications that are being developed as part of the project:

  • easy access to data
  • tourism
  • sensor networks
  • land use mapping
  • education
  • ecosystem services evaluation

Engagement with specific stakeholder groups will be a crucial step towards the efficiency of SDI4Apps.

Technical issues connected with the architecture and functionality of the six separate pilots and the platform have been addressed in detail by technical partners. Partners reaffirmed their intention to align the platform with the Open data policy and committed to developing an effective business plan which would address the specifics of each pilot.

Furthermore, SDI4Apps participants had the opportunity to attend the international Conference on Information Systems for Agriculture and Forestry (ISAF) which took place at the same location. In the frame of ISAF, SDI4Apps co-organised the Open Data Hackathon. See below for report from the event:

SDI4Apps LinkedIn group
Photo of Latvia University of Agriculture by Irena Košková, see photos from the Hackaton at her G+ profile.

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