SDI 4 Apps - Uptake of open geographic information through innovative services based on linked data

A collaboration agreement has been signed between the SDI4Apps team and the EuDEco project – an H2020 CSA action focusing on the understanding of  the European data economy and its capacity to be sustainable.

EuDEco particularly seeks to develop practical solutions and recommendations to deal with key barriers and challenges faced in the context of data reuse as well as to establish an observatory, in order to track the development of the data economy.

SDI4Apps representatives will participate in the user expert group (UEG) being formed as part of EuDEco. The UEG constitutes a network of coordinators and experts from current innovation and research projects developing pilots for data reuse, or investigating and addressing related requirements and barriers.

In the framework of the SDI4Apps – EuDEco collaboration, SDI4Apps representatives are expected to participate in a series of workshops taking place from June 2015 until the fall of 2017. The workshops will focus on the establishment of data economy, and will discuss issues pertaining to legal possibility, social acceptability, economic viability and technical feasibility of use cases, business models and value networks.

The collaboration with EuDEco is foreseen to further fertilize work being done in SDI4Apps. Joint actions are expected to increase visibility of the SDI4Apps project, and enable further synergies with actors in the field of open data.

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