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Lisbon invited under the roof of Geospatial World Forum (GWF) also experts and enthusiasts with the interest in potential use and exchange of spatial data across the INSPIRE and Linked Data environments. On Tuesday OGC/W3C Spatial Data on the Web workshop provided an overview about the possibilities to collaborate in improvement of interoperability and integration for spatial data on the Web. Joint workshop organised on Friday with the support of the related projects (SmartOpenData, SDI4Apps, COMSODE, BOLEGWEB, GeoKnow) aimed to address recent activities as well as challenges associated with the exposing the INSPIRE data and metadata into the semantic web.

Combination of the two subsections provided latest update about the standardisation activities, information about the INSPIRE related vocabularies aiming to make INSPIRE concepts linkable instead of their duplication. Examples of the INSPIRE linked data and options to share metadata, including the aspects of the possible risks and benefits as well as options, how to identify and support relevant stakeholders communities.

Second part of the event was dedicated to the presentation of the transformation methodology and tools for data and metadata developed under the GeoKnow project, including practical examples. Discussions were mainly addressing the topics of possible options for linking of reusable properties, ways of modelling the possible extensions, RDF versioning, possibilities for ontology modelling courses and knowledge exchange.

As stressed out by Phil Archer, linked geo data will not be able to solve all open issues and support any use-case, but can significantly contribute in the certain domains and applications. Although most of the presented activities are still “work in progress”, workshops allowed participants to get an overview about the latest directions and provided the space for further networking. At the same time, the organisers invited participants to follow the work on the projects, provide a feedback and help to disseminate the outcomes, where appropriate.

Spatial Data on the Web workshop description

INSPIRE & Linked Data: Bridging the gap workshop description


Written by Martin Tuchyna (Slovak Environment Agency)


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