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This autumn, the SDI4Apps project has developed a state-of-the-art server platform to facilitate the rapid development powering of sophisticated web GIS applications.

The platform is implemented as a virtual cloud node that for the duration of the project is hosted by the Masaryk University in Brno. However, in a post-project commercial operation scenario, the SDI4Apps platform may be hosted by any compliant cloud-data centrew providers, including but not limited to Amazon Web Services.

The platform may be used for anything from implement a standards-compliant INSPIRE geoportal — or it may be used as a basis for web GIS application — advanced or simple. That is where the SDI4Apps Open API comes into play.

Application developers who wish to build spatial applications based on the SDI4Apps platform have a wide array of open standards based protocols at their fingertips.

The Open API exposes the following public interfaces:

  • Web Map Server (WMS)
  • Web Feature Server (WFS)
  • Web Coverage Server (WCS)
  • Catalog Service (CS-W)
  • Sensor Observation Service (SOS)
  • Graph database query end-point (SPARQL)

The API also provides access to datasets that are already loaded into the platform such as a basemap built on Open Street Map data and more.

What makes the OpenAPI interesting, beyond building your own custom GIS server is that it is cloud-ready and can exploit the pontial of using cloud technologies to scale up and down server-side capacity to meet variations in usage.

It is also worth mentioning that the Open API provides three tools to aid users in building applications:

  • LayMan — a tool to load and manage your own spatial data into the SDI4Apps cloud and publish them as WMS and WFS services
  • s4a.js — a client-side JavaScript library to facilitate rapid application development and;
  • HSLayers NG — a geoportal boilerplate template that forms an advanced starting point for development of custom geospatial web applications.
Overview of the SDI4Apps Open API

Overview of the SDI4Apps Open API

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