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We are happy to inform that just a few days ago a WebGLayer 1.0.1 has been released. WebGLayer is a Open Source JavaScript library for visualization of moderate sized point data (up to cca million of records) through coordinated multiple views. This library is developed with a support of SDI4APPS project. The library supports: heat map, dot symbol map, histogram and experimentally parallel coordinates. Besides the entire visualization the library enable interactive filtering of the data by one-dimensional brushing in histograms as well as by arbitrary shaped queries in the map. Due to the utility of WebGL the library offers immediate filter response (bellow 100 ms) and a game-like user experience. Furthermore, to support a hotspot exploration,  there is a possibility to select data based on the kernel density that they are located in. Together with OpenTransportNet we have designed a demo application visualizing car accident in Birmingham that took place during last 5 years.

The rendering of a cartographic output is done through HTML canvas and the API enables to overlay such a canvas on top of various mapping frameworks. So far there is an example based on HS-Layers (see, OpenLayers and Leaflet. The library API and download is available at

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