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LayMan – the Layer Manager has recently been integrated with CKAN. The CKAN REST API has been implemented and the new functionality allows you, from inside the LayMan, to browse geodata available in any CKAN world-wide, download it into the LayMan and publish it with LayMan as usual.

LayMan with CKAN looks as follows:

CKAN in LayMan

Several CKANs are pre-configured and any other CKAN URL can be added by hand:

CKAN Switching

Once you find an interesting file, just “Download” it and it will be copied into the “Files” column.

CKAN Download

The subsequent publishing process is the same as described in the LayMan blog. The main issue remains the data quality vs. the data quantity – i.e. to find something useful in the heaps of garbage available in CKANs around. At least, LayMan helps you by showing the publishable files only and the search ability is coming soon. Until then, we wish you a happy publishing and happy browsing!

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