SDI 4 Apps - Uptake of open geographic information through innovative services based on linked data

The SPOI database is an open database integrating POI’s from a number of open data sources. To classify the different POI types, the easy to use WAZE classification system was used. One of the 10 waze categories is TRANSPORT. Our goal is to link specific TRANSPORT related information about time tables and public transport lines to the already existing and relevant transport POI’s in the SPOI database. The added value of the SPOI data approach consists in the implementation of linked data. The Linked Data approach enables efficient sharing and combining data from various resources. The SPOI dataset represents an open and seamless solution which serves as “a data fuel” for location-based and navigation services and applications.

More specific, we will link GTFS to the already existing transport POI’s like bus stops and railway stations.

Several GTFS files will be provided. The public transport stops can be found in the SPOI directory.

  • Paris region (France) – SNCF (National railway operator) and RATP (Paris public transport operator)
  • Flanders region (Belgium) – SNCB/NMBS (National railway operator) and De Lijn (Flemish public transport operator)

OTN Project team:

  • HSRS (Czech republic)
  • CORVE (Flanders region – Belgium)

Data sources:

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