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There exist in Europe and also World Wide thousand and thousand places interesting for different types of tourists. But most of this places is anonymous, it is difficult from tourist from foreigner countries. Who from you is able to tell me, what is Zemgale or for example Rundales pils. Did you heard about this very interesting places. Will you without any initial info search about such areas. Probably not.

We have now idea (could be too ambitious) to prepare something like Open Tourist Destination Map. It will be not focused on basic information of regions, but on some characteristics like mountains region, see side regions, regions covered by number of rivers and lakes (probably good for fishing), forest region and others. This database will be prepared and then modified on the base of people contribution. Basic characterization will be stored in RDF, this will support linkage with other data. So we need for this cooperators experts on tourist destination management, geographers, and programmers. You can come for Hackathon start with us work on this or also cooperate with your comments, ideas etc.

Please put or your comments on this our blog. We need ideas about good maps of regions, information sources, which could help us generate basic description of regions etc. Join us for this very ambitious ideas.

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