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June 22th to 24th, Villach, Austria
“ICT’s for Technology Integration | Stakeholder Cooperation | Education | Local Experience”


The AgriFuture Days are initiated by the Club of Ossiach, a group of agriculturists, agri-business managers, agriculture and forestry technologists, environmentalists and agricultural ICT specialists from around the world. They meet periodically to collectively discuss and collaboratively act on influencing the use of information and communications technologies (ICTs) to improve agricultural productivity, profitability and contribution to food and nutritional security and safety globally.
The AgriFuture Days 2016 offer the possibility to showcase technologies, products, innovations, services and methods for the farming- and forestry community to applicable innovations. The conference shall be a great place for exhibitors to meet key decision makers from practices, governments, and organizations. Around 50 presentations and a large number of attendees from all over the world are expected. Not all excepted Papers will get a slot to present, but we will have also posters to be presented and discussed within the participants. Further the three Mainworkshops will bring a nice cooperation and discussion within all participants.
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