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An academic international workshop called “International Workshop on Open Data and Applications (IWODA 2016)” will be organized on August 15-17 in New Jersey, USA). This workshop aims to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange research results and share development experiences on Open Data.

Open data researchers and developers are invited to submit research idea, research findings, practice applications, theoretical discussion, insights, frameworks, and cases concerning Open Data. The scope of this workshop is only limited by the imagination of Open Data researchers. Different research approaches including technical, practical, conceptual, political, strategic, organizational, behavioral, economic, and social perspectives are all encouraged. Submissions should contribute to the movement of Open Data.

The International Workshop on Open Data and Applications will be co-located with the Seventh ASE International Conference on Data Science and 2016 The 3rd Multidisciplinary International Social Networks Conference. The International Workshop on Open Data and Applications covers, but not limited to the following research topics.

Topic 1: Open Election Data
Topic 2: Open Government Data
Topic 3: Applications of Open Data
Topic 4: Visualize of Open Data
Topic 5: Privacy and Law Issues for Open Data
Topic 6: Behaviour and Social Issues for Open Data
Topic 7: Open Data Development of all Countries
Topic 8: Open Data and Government Transparency
Topic 9: Open Government Movement
Topic 10: Other Issues about Open Data

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