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Today, several standardisation initiatives are using metadata standards for geodata and eGovernment. Data consumers want a single access point for browsing (raw) data, whatever this data may be (license model, data-format or interface). Additionally we see more and more specific geo-data portals, open data portals on different decision levels (Local, Regional, National level, Supranational level). Most of these platforms are able to harvest data onto each other.
Still we are facing important problems on these platforms. How can we deal with multiple copies of the same (harvested) dataset? How can we prevent a serious loss of metadata when using a single standard? How will we integrate with the semantic web?
By integrating and/or tuning existing standards in more depth we will see more user oriented, standard based, integrated solutions that help find and access different types of datasets.

During the DCAT/Geospatial Metadata Ad hoc sessions we wil explore if there is a need for metadata integration. We will analyse what opportunities already exist, how these are used and if there are solutions towards integration. The presentations and discussions may results in an overview of identified gaps, possible solutions and a first initiative to enhance further collaboration between the various players.

The aim of this session is to assess the level of interest in the OGC membership in broader community to tackle the integration of metadata standards. The session is open to the public and does not require a registration free. Participants who don’t plan to attend other OGC Technical Committee sessions must register at the following link:

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