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Join us in Barcelona on INSPIRE conference and try with us support interoperability of crowdsourced data. Three workshops dedicated to this are part of INSPIRE conference. See

Current society requires easy, reliable and quick access to environmental information published by various organizations and initiatives. The environment questions cover many activities that produce various sorts of data. They are connected with natural risks and hazards (e.g. floods, forest fires), pollution and contamination of air, soil or water, degradation of landscape (e.g. deforestation, erosion, slide processes), scientific research (ecology, geographical sciences), historical landscape memory (landscape ecological research), education and raising public awareness and business activities (e.g. eco-tourism, ecological farms, ecological food production). Local and community activities capture local knowledge in multimedia forms including videos, photos or oral histories. The collected information can contribute to up-to-date data. Volunteered geographic information (VGI) is the harnessing of tools to create, assemble, and disseminate geographic data provided voluntarily by individuals . In the context of voluntary data collection, an important part is the way how data are processed. An example can be Neogeography (New Age Geography) focused on combining geotagged data (e.g. KML ) with a map interface for contextualised exploration. In Neogeography data can be from volunteers (VGI) or from professionals and can be open or with restricted access. Neogeography is closely related to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Web 2.0 and mapping capabilities of the geospatial web. VGI and Citizens Observatories INSPIRE Hack will be the first hackathon combined with a INSPIRE conference with the aim to create the space, where those with the interest in the potential of VGI and Citizens Observatories can meet, present their tools and components from existing projects and discuss and explore how results, ideas and knowledge can be combined in possible ways for new projects and for new project ideas. VGI and Citizens Observatories INSPIRE Hack will run through the first three days of the INSPIRE conference. There might be an option also for continuing the hackathon for the last two days of the conference. The first session will present projects and tools dealing with VGI Information and Citizen Observatories namely: CITI-SENSE, COBWEB, WeSenseIt, SDI4Apps, Open Transport Net, FOODIE The second session will present new projects and project ideas for VGI and Citizens Observatories/Citizen Science – in particular: SCENT – A, Ground Truth 2.0, LandSense, GROW and potentially other ideas from the participants – where it can be seen how

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This action will be also supported by presentations in three parallel sessions during INSPIRE conference. See program

Citizen science/crowd sourcing – 28/09/2016 – 09:00 H1

Citizen science/crowd sourcing – 28/09/2016 – 14:00 H1

Citizen science/crowd sourcing – 28/09/2016 – 16:00 H1


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