SDI 4 Apps - Uptake of open geographic information through innovative services based on linked data
SDI4Apps has three contributions in the first part of the Citizen Science/Crowd Sourcing track at the INSPIRE Conference.  See the detailed programme below.
Citizen science/crowd sourcing – 28/09/2016 – 09:00
Room: H1

  Chair: Jose Miguel Rubio Iglesias

09:00 Open Land Use Map and Smart Points of Interest Tomas Mildorf

09:15 VGI and INSPIRE – Introduction Karel Charvat

09:30 SensLog – way to standardize VGI data collection. Karel Charvat

09:45 VGI profile for Precision Farming: unified data model and applications Tomas Reznik

10:00 COBWEB; Facilitator of Citizen Science Jamie Williams

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