SDI 4 Apps - Uptake of open geographic information through innovative services based on linked data

Come on  INSPIRE Hackathon and play with us.

From SDI4Apps, OTN and FOODIE projects prepared for you three data sets, which will be available for experimentation. They are Smart Point of Interest, Open Transport Map and Open Land Use.

Smart Point of Interest is open and seamless SPOI data set, which is based on Linked data principles, contains over 23 million Points of Interest important for tourism from Europe and Africa.


Open Transport Map allows routing and dynamic visualization of traffic volumes. It also offers many other ways of innovative exploitation. The underlying data are accessible in an open INSPIRE compatible format


Open Land Use Map (OLU) pilot creates an open available pan-European map of land use that will be available for users in some popular formats for geodata sharing (OGC services: WMS/WFS, Shapefile or KML)


During Hackathon we would like concentrate on to aspects:

  • Improving the maps
  • Build scenarios for exploitation of this maps

As examples of scenarios we can mentioned

  1. Identification of brown-field areas that have a revitalization potential for tourism purposes based on combination of Smart Points of Interest data set for touristic (and other) points of interest as well as the Open Land Use dataset for identifying existing contiguous land-use areas.
  2. Analysing of transport in relation to different Land Use. See


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